Thursday, May 6, 2010

holly's potty accomplishment

i know this seems trivial but in our house, we have to celebrate every little potty moment, as i'm sure it is in most houses with two toddlers.

this morning, just moments ago, i gave holly her toothbrush.  i had to pee, so i sat on the toilet and so she also sat on her potty.  she looked at me, grunted, and then got up and kept brushing her teeth.  the girl pooped!  in her diaper, but, she was sitting on her potty when she did it.  i think it was an accident, but she got lots of praise.  i wish she liked stickers.  i think candy (chocolate) would work for her since she likes it (kendal doesn't like candy).  maybe i'll have to buy some just for her.  i wish they made m&ms without food dyes... it is really "slim pickins" when it comes to candy like that when you choose not to eat foods laden with poison. 

speaking of candy-like substances, this morning i made yogurt smoothies for us (after the kids ate a smaller portion of their regular breakfast) but today i used raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries (frozen).  they did not like it.  it was very seedy, and i could tell with one swig that kendal was turned off by it and i'd say with confidence it was because of the texture - but i was proud of him for trying it (so i gave him more fruitful o's).  holly gave it several swallows (she probably drank 1/2 cup of it) before she just couldn't take anymore of it.  i thought the flavor was delish and the color was really pretty (almost like a neon purple- mine was more magenta than the one in the picture since i had the red fruits in there too), but i have to say that i was also kinda turned off by the seeds.  i'll have to figure out a way to de-seed before drinking.  and, before it thaws.  anyone know the trick to that?

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