Monday, May 10, 2010

happy birthday to maggie

well it's 3 am and i can't sleep.  may as well update my blog, right?

2 weeks ago was mag's 10 year birthday.  mom and dad sang happy birthday to her and we've been talking about it ever since. this week she goes to the vet for her spring check-up, which i'm sure will be just fine.  she's healthy as an ox.  well, if she'd quit eating grass, anyway... that's the only thing that makes her sick.  why do dogs and cats do that, anyway? eat grass and puke?  lacy does it too (except it is one of my plants she eats and then pukes up...)

so yesterday at mom's for lunch, kendal was kissing on maggie so i tried to catch him doing it.  she kept kissing him back which he thinks is funny.  the lighting is bad and i was trying not to use the flash 100% (my camera has flash compensation, which means i can turn down the flash - i was trying NOT to give her the crazy green eyes).  i didn't actually catch the actual kiss, but i tried.  holly won't get close to her when she kisses, which is probably a good thing since she still gives open mouth kisses.  :)

next is outside play time - mags got some of the fresh-baked rolls mom had just pulled out of the oven.  she was "dancing" and you can see kendal dancing with her.  he held his hands up like her and would spin around. he didn't get a treat though.  his tricks were for free.  hahaha..

anyway, once we started eating lunch (which we did outside), maggie assumed her normal position beneath the kid's chairs.  she knows them too well... 

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