Wednesday, May 26, 2010

how do you say what???

i tried a new food today and i think my biggest issue with it was the fact i wasn't sure how to pronounce it.  i hated feeding it to kendal and holly (who both LOVED LOVED LOVED it) without telling them what it was.  quinoa.  my southern self wanted to say kwin-o-ah.  but, i did a little internet search and found out that my instinct was wrong (no surprise there) and actually it is pronounced keen-wah.

anyway, as i was searching for the correct pronunciation, i found an interesting thread where people discuss the correct proununciations of words.  and, anyway, some dude put a list of "how to say" wine names.  i'm sure amy can read them all and correct the ones that are wrong, but, i always wonder how to say some of them.  i speak NO french except, maybe - well, none.  so, i thought this was pretty cool.
i definitely recommend going to the site and reading it (it is more than just wine).  you'll get a few laughs. like, the funniest thing the guy, steve, says is:
"I don't think it actually makes a damned bit of difference how you pronounce these wines. Just do the best you can. If you're talking to someone who sells wine who would make fun of you for mispronouncing the name of a grape or region, the proper term for what that person is pronounced  "ahs-whole"."

Cabernet Sauvignon: Cab-er-nay Saw-vin-yawn
Merlot: Mair-low
Petit Verdot" puh-teet vair-doh
Malbec: Two - Mall-beck or mal-beck
Carmenere: Car-muhn-yair
Sauvignon Blanc: Saw-vin-yawn blonk
Zinfandel: Just like it's written
Pinot Noir: Pee-no N'wahr
Pinot Grigio: Pee-no Gree-zhe-oh (or gree-zho)
Cabernet Franc: Cab-er-nay Fronk
Syrah: sear-ah
Shiraz: Shi-roz
Barolo: bah-roll-oh
Nebbiolo: Neh-bee-oh-low
Sangiovese: two possible - san-joe-vay-zay or san-gee-oh-vay-zay
  (The common error with this is leaving off the final "e". It's pronounced as a soft, breathy "A")
Albarino: Al-buh-ren-yo
Pinotage: Pee-no-tazhs
Reisling: Ree-zling
Meritage: two - Mer-ih-tazhs or mer-ih-tage
Valpolicella: val-poh-lee-chell-uh
Beaujolais: Boo-zho-lay
Muller-Thurgau: Moo-luhr Tur-gouw
Gruner Veltliner: Groo-nuhr Velt-lee-nuhr (or just "gruner", for the Wine Hip)
Gaglioppo: Gal-lee-oh-poe
Sauternes: Saw-tairn
Grenache: grin-osh (as in the final syllable of "nosh")
Mourvedre: Moor-ved-ruh
Tempranillo: tim-pruh-nee-yoh
Monastrell: Mahn-uh-stray (this is the Spanish term for mourvedre)
Touriga Nacional: Too-ree-guh nah-cee-yo-nahl
Torrontes: toe-rahn-tez
Chenin Blanc: Shin-uhn Blonk
Semillon: Seh-mee-yawn
Viognier: Vee-yohn-yay
Muscat: Moo-scott
Cinsaut: sin-sew
Chateauneuf du Pape: Shat-oh-noof dew pop
Rioja: Ree-oh-hah
Ribera del Duero: Rib-erra del dweh-row
Chianti: Kee-yahn-tee (accent on middle syllable)
Languedoc-Rousillon: long-doh roo-see-yahn
Alsace: ahl-sahs
Hermitage: air-me-tazhs ("Tazhs" is pronounced like the end of the word "massage")
Cote Rotie: coat Row-tee
Croze Hermitage: Crows Air-me-tazhs
St. Joseph: San Jo-seff
Gigondas: zheeg-own-dah
Vacqueyras: vah-kay-rah
Barsac: bar-sock
Fronsac: Forhn-sock
Graves: grahv
Haut-Medoc: hoht meh-dock
Margaux: mahr-go
Pauillac: paw-yock
Pessac-Leognan: pay-sock layo-g'nawn
Pomerol: pah-mer-ahl
Saint-Emilion: sahnt eh-mee-yawn
Saint-Estephe: sahnt a-stef
Saint-Julien: sahn zhoo-lee-aw
Soave: So-ah-vay
Brunello: brew-nell-low
Primitivo: prim-uh-teev-oh
Barossa: buh-row-suh
Colchaugua: coal-chaw-gwah
Condrieu: kawn-drew
Montalcino: mon-tull-CHEE-no
Recioto: ruh-show-toe
Vouvray: voov-ray


  1. Correct pronunciation of Pinotage is

    Pinno targe

    fisrt syllable is not pee but pin

  2. Oh, just spotted Meritage..

    “Meritage,” pronounced like “heritage,” was selected from more than 6,000 entries in an international contest to name the new wine category. Meritage is an invented word that combines “merit” and “heritage” — reflecting the quality of the grapes and the ancient art of blending wine.


  3. I've got a great recipe using quinoa. I'll try and find it for you.



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