Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tuesday rant

i get so annoyed at how people complain about "illegal aliens" because most people are specifically referring to our southern border: about people of hispanic descent.

you know, i've never been afraid of a hispanic person.  most are very religious.  most have large families.  most know their grandparents, brothers, cousins, and get together on many occasions. most do not believe in terrorism.  most hispanic people do not do drugs, "pack heat", and are honest, hard working people.  they cook whole foods and live off the land. it is that type of people that  i'd prefer to surround myself with.

for example, this time of year the migrant laborers are here and hard at work.  most large farms have housing, and that housing, be it a trailer or a run-down house, is usually FULL of hispanic men.  there are several of these houses on my way to mom and dad's house.  when i drive by and one of them are outside, they are always friendly and wave.  i wonder where they all sleep and how they stay cool at night.  most of the houses are in the sun and the windows are open so i doubt they have A/C.  every night about 6 or 7, you see them all  outside grilling dinner.  later in the season about 8am, you'll see them hanging up their rain gear after coming out of the tobacco fields (which means they were up and working when the sun came up).  every sunday about 7:30 pm, you'll see each one of them on a cell phone, i assume calling back home to their wives or families. 

can you imagine leaving your families every spring to fall - let's say 8 months a year, every year - for pennies on the dollar?  and if they are illegal, do you know what they have to do to get here?  walking for days with little to no water in the hottest conditions you can imagine, having to watch each step for fear of a snake of scorpion (since most of their walking is done at night - when snakes are most active). 

it is those types of "illegal immigrants" that i do not worry about.  i am fine with their "illegal-ness", i appreciate their hard work and their dedication to the american dream.  i wish it were easier for them to get here legally and to bring their family and their christian values to the US. 

there are a few folks here in the US that could use a little influence from the immigrants.  like some of the lazy hypocrites that think they need to go home.  (ha, i'd like to see THEM pick cucumbers come july and august! or, lay sod on a late august afternoon when it is 100 degrees outside in 100% humidity!!! i won't even get into picking tobacco while WEARING raingear... not that i've done it, but i have had to walk across bean fields while wearing rainsuits back when i worked with DOT in the summer just to stay dry.  it was miserable.  i was nearing a heat stroke at 7am in the morning.)

ps this is not a blog about taxes or healthcare or any of that stuff.  this is just a blog about the kind, hispanic population that is here in america right now.  they are not evil, they are not bad: they are human.  if you click on this link you can read about how a non-profit group called humane borders helps reduce the number of people dying in the desert by simply doing the golden rule (do unto others as you would have done unto you matthew 7:12)!!!  if we lived over/down there, we would totally volunteer with that group.

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