Monday, May 17, 2010

phone photos

my phone takes horrible photos.  but, sometimes it is all i have to use.  like saturday, for instance, we went to the nick's storytime live play at raleigh memorial auditorium.  said "no cameras" so i left mine in the car.  of coarse, everyone had (and used) cameras.  not sure what the rule was for.  anway, here is a shot of nathaniel and the kids before the show.

before that, i took a picture of the train table at tookie's toys.  this is what i want to do with our nilo table.  we are a long ways from having a train set this cool.... better start getting train kits!  :)

last, this morning, the kids woke at 8am after sleeping for 12 hours straight.  these pictures were of the video monitor about 7am, when they usually wake up.  it appeared as though they hadn't moved from when we put them down.  they went to sleep in the car, we took them upstairs, nathaniel PJed them, and then we moved them to the beds without them waking.  they were so pooped.  we went to a birthday party yesterday and well after the big day saturday too, they just were worn out from the weekend!  they are on hour 2 of nap right now...

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