Monday, June 1, 2009

blog browsing

earlier today, i well, let me start over. yesterday, i bought some things on etsy. (and for anyone looking for a unique gift or for something cool for yourself - maybe you've been looking and looking for something and you just can't find it anywhere around here for the right price, etsy is awesome and most shops are affordable.) today i got the confirmation and one of them had a blog link (the shop owner/artist had a blog). i clicked on it to find a really cool site, but what was the coolest thing was that she had a theme for each day. she had: "top ten tuesday" (random top ten list... favorite cities, favorite songs, favorite places to shop, etc.) "what i want wednesday" (uh, self explanatory) "friday five" (which are 5 questions... who, what, etc. kinda like the surveys that get passed around all the time) i just thought that was really cool. i think i'll add "manic monday" which is a day i can whine about something. and maybe i can add "thankful thursday" which is a day i can be thankful for something. saturday and sunday can collectively be the "workable weekend" and that can be anything that works.. like a good recipe, or a new car, or a new kind of laundry soap. so here is the list: manic monday top ten tuesday what i want wednesday thankful thursday friday five workable weekend lets try it and see what we can do! (this is for those blogging-impaired folks who just can't come up with an idea!)

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  1. Are you sure that Tuesday hasn't turned into "TMI Tuesday"?! ;) Hahaha, heeheehee...



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