Tuesday, June 16, 2009

top ten (or eleven) tuesday - things about my sister's kids

1. josh has an amazing spacial ability - i put a puzzle together with him. if it were a competition, he would have beat me (it was a 5yr+ puzzle, 100 pieces, and he is not quite 4.) 2. grace misses her dad the most. not to say she loves him any more than the rest, but in reality, she's known him longer than the rest. in the place of him this week, nathaniel has become the object of her man-needs. if she's near him, she's touching him. it's kinda sweet. (and i think he thinks its sweet too.) 3. the girls are really into rhyming. grace even wrote nathaniel a song. it went something like "the number two, cats are blue, i love you" 4. frankensam is such a rolly polly (i.e. flexible) kid. he loves to climb, and doesn't even bat an eye when he falls. so NOT like kendal, who next to sam appears as inflexible and rigid as an old man. 5. kendal likes playing with josh, but he likes saying "sam, sam, sam, sam" and i've seen him following sam around too (sam crawling, kendal walking). 6. when sam doesn't like the way something feels on his knees, he goes up on all 4 to crawl. like a monkey. 7. faith is still soft as ever. 8. faith is what holly is going to look like in 5 years. 9. grace "i don't like meat cut into little pieces like that" F. is the pickiest eater, faith "i don't like potatoes" F. is picky but she still can be tricked into eating, josh"give me more" F. isn't picky at all - and sam "can't get enough" F. ... well, his name says it all - unless it is squash baby food that i made. seems that was not a hit with either baby. 10. "granddaddy duck and his 4 ducklings" - the kids love to help granddaddy in the garden. i'm positive at this point it is solely because they get to be outside. josh found a GIGANTIC zucchini yesterday. not sure how dad missed that one before. they also helped him dig up potatoes, i'm sure that was fun. i remember helping grandma dig potatoes when i was little. i used to think that was fun too. 11. (i can make this eleven today, right? well, it is my blog and i suppose i can do what i want!) josh thinks uncle "piledriver" mark is a toy!


  1. This might be my favorite blog of all time! And that first picture is so great!

  2. I only saw three ducklings in the picture!



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