Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A yawn is quite catching you see. Like a cough. It just takes one yawn to start other yawns off." --- Dr. Seuss (in Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book, New York: Random House, 1962.)
well, since kendal's birth, we've noticed that when we yawn, he doesn't yawn back. i wondered when our yawn's would become contageous. it happened. i noticed it a couple of weeks ago, but then i yawned again and he didn't repeat it. just now, though, i yawned and he looked at me and yawned too. then i waited a second and yawned (fake) again and then he yawned again. holly had no response either time. kendal is 21 months and a week and 2 days today. i'm gonna say that about 21 weeks, with him, yawning became contageous. i wonder when it'll be for holly. (check back in 15 months or so.) by the way, how many times did you yawn while reading this post?

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