Tuesday, June 9, 2009

top ten tuesday - why i'm glad my husband isn't sick anymore

1. i can sleep in my house again. 2. kendal has his daddy back. (though, granddaddy did make a good substitute daddy for a few days...) 3. holly has her own crib to sleep in. (mamaw only has one crib and kendal slept in that one.) 4. i have someone to share nighttime feedings with. 5. someone to rub me. 6. no more having to look at someone piled under ten thick blankets even though it is 95 degrees outside and at least 80 degrees inside. 7. someone to bring home kendal (something special about having my men come in the door at the same time). 8. no more listening to the advil bottle rattle. 9. no more listening to the thermometer beeping!!! 10. because i'm just glad he's back to normal and is well!!! i just hope it is 10 more years past never before he gets sick like that again!


  1. So glad Nathaniel is feeling better and you're all back at home together. Tracie.

  2. I am so relieved...hated to think of my baby bro so down and out!



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