Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what i want wednesday - a vacation!

more specifically, one that comes on a boat with lots of cold, icy drinks, endless amounts of food, and destinations with shady trees and clean, white sand!!!


  1. I hope it will be worth the wait in 2 to 3 years...

  2. i'm sure it will. in the mean time, though, i'm really itching for a beach day. i've not really been since that first weekend we started dating! how sad is that! now it is just about too hot to go.

    really i just need a day to decompress, i think. i think that is what is causing all my migraines, stress or something. not a stress i can put my finger on, just a general stress - the kind that builds up over time. you know, at work you get a vacation at christmas and stuff, but when you work at home, you just don't get that.

    i need a vacation from my work.

  3. A cruise sounds good to me!

    Can't you all take a few days and go to Atlantic Beach or something?

    They are offering great deals, I keep seeing them in the travel section of the N&O.

    Just don't stay at the Sheraton, right?



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