Thursday, June 4, 2009

thankful thursday - tonight show

although i should start my thankful thursday routine with a thanks for my family and friends and the normal things like that, i think i'll do something different and start it out with something that has been getting me through (and actually looking forward to) the 11:30 feedings this week: the tonight show with conan o'brien! i used to be a david letterman fan (simply because i HATED jay leno - not personally, i just can't watch that chin!) but conan obrien, he is funny - and he thus far has been doing great on the tonight show!


  1. I don't like Conan -- not that I liked Jay either. I do, however, laugh out loud when I watch Craig Ferguson. He is HILARIOUS!

  2. i didn't like him that much when he had his own show, but i've watched the tonight show twice now and laughed outloud. he's a bit funnier on this one. you should try him.

    i like crain ferguson too, he's funny also.



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