Monday, June 8, 2009

manic monday - the night owl

this isn't meant to directly complain about my husband, but he did say it best last night in his most grumpiest self at 1:30 am - "this has got to stop!" nathaniel and i have a feeding schedule... he "gets her" if it is before 2am when she wakes to be fed, i get her after 2am. this schedule came about when kendal was a baby because i am a morning person, and he is a night person. (yea, right! - turns out he rarely likes to wake no matter when it is) and last night she woke at 1:30, which was exactly 3 hours since her last feeding. boy was he a grump (granted he has been sick & is still regaining his "awake" time). holly wakes every 3 hours to eat, most every night. the longest shes slept has been 6 hours, which was just a few days ago when the preceding day i diligently pumped her full of formula all day. kendal was an all-night sleeper by 2 months! holly is almost 6 months! whats the trick??? (& in case you were concerned, nathaniel did apologize to holly this morning for being a grump last night. i'm pretty sure she forgave him, since she couldn't keep her smiling eyes off of him. shes finally finding her daddy...)

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