Thursday, June 11, 2009

thankful thursday - multiples

today i am thankful that i did not have twins, triplets, quads, etc. yesterday i volunteered in the baby room at kendal's school for the morning (what i thought would just be a couple of hours ended up being ALL morning - 8 to 12:30 - with no food or drink because i didn't go prepared for that long of time!) and anyway, there were 7 babies in the room. seven babies by law requires 2 teachers, which there were... and me. that means 7:3 ratio in there (adults to babies). three of the babies were little ones (6 months or younger... couldn't sit up, though one of them did like to stand in the jumper), and two of those three were "fresh." i mean... were still in the learning stages of holding up their head. they had to be 12 weeks old because i know that is the minimum age for the daycare. anyway, i obviously took to those three. between rocking, naps, feedings, changings, and just simply rotating them from location to location, i was worn slam out! and the thing is, the other two teachers didn't stop either with the other 4 kids! i wonder what they did after i left!!!!! but i wanted to take the 2 little ones home with me, they were so sweet. two little boys... awwww!!! i wanted to hold them both at the same time but just couldn't figure out how!

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