Monday, June 29, 2009

manic monday - screw dave ramsey

here i go again with the vacation thing, but this is manic monday... and i'm supposed to whine about something. sometimes i just want to say "screw dave ramsey!" and just spend money. but, we've got one month down (till ? many months of paying off ALL our debt, including car loans and college loans and mortgage loans, and don't forget the 15 trips to the ER we took this winter, etc.) i know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but from where i stand - dressed in my stained and holey clothes - the tunnel is completely dark. dave ramsey says to "live like noone else" and i definitely feel like i have for the last month. we eat well (haven't compromised any food quality), but other than than i definitely think i took my living style down a few notches from 2 months ago... and of coarse if i was gonna blow a little bit of money (like $100 to $200), i'd buy myself some new clothes. and if i was gonna blow a LOT of money (over $200), i'd take a vacation. this will sit heavy on me for the next 2 weeks while my lucky duck sister is in hawaii - i'll constantly be reminded that we won't get a vacation for a few years. its kinda like when you start a diet and for the first 2 weeks you are good about it... then after that you start to want to cheat (first with things like a piece of candy and then eventually it turns into things like pizza and cake) - and the longer you go without those things you crave, i suppose a lifestyle change will occur (miracle). right? so i'm waiting for my "will-stop-longing-for-trips-far-away" miracle to occur. suppose for this to happen in the first month is out of the question. maybe next month will be better. in the mean time, i've totally moved from just wanting a new shirt to wanting a whole new wardrobe and from just taking a day trip to the beach to wanting a week away in some far away place. willpower never was my strong trait! i'm so spoiled. and it sucks becoming unspoiled. and if we (i) end up doing well with this budget, i wish i could automatically apply that willpower to what (and how much) i put in my mouth! in the mean time, i'll just feel sorry for myself.

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