Friday, June 26, 2009

friday five - the week in review

five things i'm glad i did this week: 1. spent way too much time at my parent's house. 2. got holly's ears pierced. no future drama for that one! 3. took a long nap on monday. (or was it tuesday?) 4. took holly in the pool. she liked it, and i was surprised at that. she doesn't like baths too much! 5. asked nathaniel to take the morning off so we could bid our farewells to the fairels! five things i wish i hadn't done this week: 1. snap at my husband, probably more times than i can remember. 2. said "just put him down, he can walk" to nathaniel holding a seemingly dry kendal at the back door to hand off to me after getting out of the pool. kendal slipped on his second naked step towards me and fell face first and busted his lip. it was very bloody, and it was my fault. 3. dieted maybe a little to fast, i've gotten a migraine pretty much every day this week and i know it is from not eating as much. my blood sugar i know is fine, it is just from a change in what i'm eating. i need to remember to do these things gradually! 4. taken so many migraine pills. now i can't tell if i have a migraine or a migraine-medicine-hangover. i think today i'm just gonna let it run its course. hopefully i won't have to call in the troops to take over parenting while i lie on the floor of the bathroom and wish for death. 5. forgotten to pick up socks while i was at the mall. now i've gotta go back. that means another gallon and a half of gas... not that that is a lot, but when we're saving money, every dollar counts!

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