Monday, June 22, 2009

workable weekend - WW-wanabee if you want to do weight watchers but don't want to pay the fees, this is a workable substitute! not that i know for sure if it works, i just started it today... but my sister in law lost weight doing it. of coarse, she's already thin, but i do know for sure it doesn't matter whether you are "skinny" or "fat" when you diet, diet is diet and it's hard to loose weight no matter what (or when or how)! she said the best part of this website was that you can see what a difference exercise makes in how much you can eat. so, the more you work out, the more calories you can eat. i think that is like the weight watchers idea of the more you work out, the more extra points you get in a day. so anyway, maybe you will want to give it a try. i am. my clothes are getting tight. i can't afford to buy new ones, thus... i must loose some weight. just how it goes, you know?

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  1. It DOES work. I lost 12 pounds in a month and I didn't really give much up, either. Just typing the stuff in (which I always did before I ate/drank it) makes you stop and think.
    The other cool thing about it is that it has thousands upon thousands of food items in its database, including stuff from popular chain restaurants.
    I have managed to keep the weight off without using it because now it's sort of engrained in my head how many calories are in the things I mostly eat/drink (plus knowing that exercise, ANY exercise, gives you more daily calories).
    But, it's nice to know it's there if I need it!



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