Friday, June 12, 2009

friday five - reasons i'm still up (rather, up this early on a friday)

its 12:17 and friday is freshly here... why am i making my friday five already??? 1. nathaniel had a late meeting, so generally speaking i can't sleep unless he is home. if i do sleep, i usually have a nightmare, so since i know he's on the way home, i'll just wait. 2. i just finished the road (book club meeting tomorrow night!). hey - i recommend it to all of you guys who read my blog! really! if i liked it, then you will (plus it only took me a total of about 3 or 4 hours to read the whole thing). 3. too much caffeine earlier today (breakfast was dunkin donuts!) 4. just fed holly (11:30pm) 5. i have a migraine and i'm waiting for my meds to work. this may be because i haven't the opportunity (or drive) to actually eat supper tonight. this makes 2 nights in a row = no dinner. not because i am not wanting to eat, just haven't had the time i suppose. tonight i was too into this darn book!!! (well, that and bedding babies!)

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