Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 random facts

1. i HATE the way bananas feel on my hand.  the fruit part.  it is slimy and sticky.  i equate it to the way my mom thinks a snake feels.  but, snakes don't feel like that.

2. i think i have [a mild case of] PTSD from hurricane fran.  wind = anxiety that almost sends me over the edge.  i can't focus on anything today except the wind.  my day is practically useless.  (at least it isn't raining and storming and/or dark, though.  that would be even worse.  i'd need a sleeping pill to get me through the night!!!)

3. holly likes grapes and apples.  a lot.  she saw grapes on the counter and cried for 30 minutes until i gave her one (it took me that long to figure out what she was crying about - i told you i was useless today!).  of coarse, one turned into 10.  (10 grapes really means 40 pieces since i cut them into 4 pieces each.)  i also got a couple of pink lady apples and gave her some of that - she LOVED it.

4. i forced kendal to try the apples and grapes and, well, lets just say he doesn't like them.  i also forced him to try mango and pineapple at lunch and he didn't gag.  he didn't want more either.

5. kendal can eat almost a whole can of garden peas at lunch.  maybe 12 will hit the floor.  around holly's chair, though, is like a pea-land-mine zone.  there isn't anything more unpleasant than a cold pea squished underneath your toe.  amy, it feels a lot like if you were to be "surprised" by a hairball underfoot in the middle of the night.  YUCK!!!

6. holly learned how to make the elephant sound today.  it is very spitty.

7. holly and kendal are both cutting teeth:  both upper molars too!  this is holly's first one (explains the neediness today).  kendal only has one left to cut (on the bottom) for a while!!!  yay!

8. their favorite toys this week (and last) have been the alphabet stacking blocks that melissa gave holly for her birthday (in lieu of the one she forgot to bring) and the slinky given to them both from grammy and grandpa. (to holly, the slink = a BIG bracelet! to kendal, i showed him how to hold it with one hand and throw it with the other when he fake sneezes - so he uses it as a prank.)  funny how the favorites change each week just about.

9. kendal is into movies now.  whole movies.  he watched harry and the hendersons with mom while the superbowl was on (gave granddaddy and nathaniel "peace and quiet" for the game) and this week he watched the popeye musical with nathaniel.  it is weird his attention can last that long (almost).  he really liked harry.  and the music on popeye.  holly danced to it a lot.

10.  can't get enough of this dal bukhara!  holly loves it too!  and all that tumeric turns her poop yellow! (wait, is that tmi?)

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  1. #5: Yeah, hair balls are gross, so is Lucy's gag-up (this is what I call it when she gags up God knows what on the carpet and I don't realize it until I step in it). Also, coming in from the garage and stepping on a "present" that somehow didn't stay in the cat box. This is why I tell Mr. B we need to keep the light on in there. He doesn't listen; he turns it off, anyway!



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