Monday, February 22, 2010

gag me with a ...

i was thinking tonight that i should start a list of foods that make kendal gag.  unlike that picture that i lifted off flickr, kendal needs no spoon to gag.

rice, for one, always makes him gag.  no matter if it is "hidden" in there - it gets him ever time.  and he tries it over and over, and EVERY time he gags.

tonight, eggplant made him gag.  he tried it, he didn't like it.  he gagged about 6 times before he finally spit it out in my hand.  (thank god he's finally learned how to spit stuff out... before i had to sweep his mouth with my finger.  that is grosser than the spit-out stuff.)

peaches make him gag.  not all the time, but most of the time.  enough that i don't even make him try them very often.

mangos also make him gag.  soft as they are, they must hit him just right in his mouth.

tuna salad made him gag when he was little, but i haven't made him eat it as of lately.  i'm pretty sure he won't like it since he doesn't like any fish.

he did try salmon again tonight.  no gagging, but he was fighting it.  he kept on chewing with the wide-jaws and his eyes would roll back in his head (he is not in control of that yet - if he was faking it, then he is well on his way to a career of acting).  i kept expecting the gag, but it never came.  and he did finally swallow it.  i didn't make him eat any more of it either, because i didn't want him to be totally turned off of it.

he did eat mac and cheese tonight, which is a first.  he loved it, ate just about half the box.  good thing it was the "good" kind (whole wheat & organic - or at least the box said, but i always wonder when it is yellow colored since cheddar cheese naturally is white.)  none-the-less, he loved it and ate it up. 

i'll have to keep thinking about the gag stuff.  he has a really "easy" gag reflex, as i'm sure you can tell by this blog topic.

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