Monday, February 22, 2010

the running bag total: 11

this weekend, i very sadly got rid of  3 bags to a girl who very gladly purchased them from me off craigslist.  turns out, she picked out the cotton tale paradise bedding for her upcoming first baby (boy) only to find it both "online only" and "out of stock".  that day, she also saw my new ad for all kendal's bedding and accessories, including the hamper and valences and all the crib stuff and even the odd and end decorations i had around the room to match - but not a part of the set - for sale.  

it was very hard to get rid of it because it meant i he was growing up and he wasn't a baby anymore.  i remember picking it out, i remember buying it (also online), i remember washing it for the first time, and i remember setting up his nursery and us playing his mobile just to "see what it'd sound like when he was here".  so, getting rid of those 3 bags of stuff (3 VERY LARGE BAGS i may add) was very hard.  probably the first time in my LIFE i've ever almost gotten teary eyed getting rid of anything.

but why in the world would i or should i hang on to it?  it was just taking up space, and it is just a thing.  i have the life i created in my house, and he doesn't recognize it as a part of his babyhood.  i even talked about it with him saturday night as i was packing it up - seeing if he had any attachment to any of it - and he didn't.  he didn't even want to play with the blanket or anything.  so, it was just me that loved it, not him.

anyway...  you can still see that i am getting "over" those 3 bags.
the next 3 bags were really boxes and they were 3 boxes of old stamping stuff that are not SU stuff (mainly paper and ribbon and stamps) that i have since replaced with SU brand stuff.  katelyn was the lucky recepient, and hopefully she'll find the time to make some thank you cards with them.  pretty soon she'll into "wedding season" and will have about 100 thank yous that will need to be out "yesterday" and so maybe she'll get started on making them ASAP.  ha!  right.  at least she has most of the tools now~

so, that adds 3 VERY large bags and 1 large box and 2 medium boxes to my total - which equals 11 "bags" thus far.  we're only on day 6 of lent (today is day 6) so i'm glad i'm ahead of the game.  when we go to florida, i'm not going to be able to get rid of anything...  

unfortunately, it's gonna get harder from here.  i need to get on the ball and take some pictures for EBAY... and start collecting some goodwill clothes!  

on a totally different note, carrots are my new favorite food.  carrots from whole foods, the kind with the plant attached.  i think i'm going to turn orange.  (yes, i cut the greens off, but the greens make them taste fresher i think! i've never had a bunch of carrots that taste this good! - they were $1.99 for about a 1.5 pound equivalent of carrots (after you cut off the tops).  YUM!  great dipped in that cream cheese stuff i made this weekend...)


  1. Did the person actually spell it "lint"? Cheese!

    I need to get Lucy's crate/dog house on Craig's List. I've never sold anything that way; I may catch the bug!

  2. i deleted the part about "lint" and yes they spelled it like that.

    i got worried that that person may actually read my blog. doubtful, but maybe. it is a young person. (young as in teenager, so i reeeeeally doubt they read my blog.)



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