Wednesday, February 3, 2010

top ten : day two

this morning as soon as i got up, my brain started with things that were different today than yesterday.  so, here is a top five list of things i DID say (in my head) today.  (these are almost in order of the way they were said too!)

5.  great. no coffee.
4. i wonder if 3 m&ms are the same as 2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon?
3. so i wonder just how far it is to dortchess?
2. i wonder if i'll get to shower today.
1. oh man.  i wish our water was hot like mamaws!

(incidentally, the red and white in dortchess does not have a website, but when i searched for it i found "sausage that would convert a vegetarian" (and i agree) - i'll tell you, until i lived in washington and ate sausage from acre station, i never liked the stuff.  when i moved back here, i haven't found any that compared:  until this stuff.  YUM.  my dad says you have to buy it in the bucket so it isn't compressed.  the flavor is great, but the texture is what is so tasty.  same with acre station in pinetown:  the texture is what makes that sausage SOOOOO good!)

acre station meat farm


  1. I AM STILL LAUGHING! The M and M one then the sausage one got hard that I had to yell them out to your dad who is in the living room. Did you get a shower?

  2. Spelled Dortches with one "s".

  3. I would kill for an Acre Station sausage biscuit right about now. My mouth is literally watering.

  4. Too bad an Acre Station sausauge, egg and hoop cheese biscuit is a days worth of points. :-(

    Best breakfast sandwich I have EVER had.



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