Thursday, February 18, 2010

holly's sleeping arrangement...


well, i already know she's about the cutest thing in the world.  but, add this to the reasons why and it is like adding more sugar to bojangles sweet tea.
holly likes to have things... "things"... in her crib with her.  so does mommy.  she, frankly, can't sleep without something to hold onto.  kendal is the same way, he has about 6 or 7 stuffed animals plus two blankets on his little bed.  (oh, and a pillow too!)  holly has seven stuffed animals, one blanket, and covers - plus her and the bumper in her bed.  sometimes i take things out (like a couple of animals or the bumper) and she sleeps horribly.  she basically needs all those things.

and, that picture shows why.  she likes to be covered.  covered by animals.  she nested herself in those stuffed animals (and her blanket).  as a matter of a fact, when i lay her down, she is always facing the opposite direction.  she sits up, moves the animals around, lays down, pulls the covers up, arranges the animals, and then lays down and finishes setting them up.  then she goes to sleep.  

no kidding.

she is a nester!  kendal does it to, but after he is asleep he moves all around (he is a thrasher) and they all end up above his pillow and the cover is at the foot of the bed save one blanket and monk monk, which is usually underneath him.

anyway, i just thought this was too cute to share.  it is hard to find her in the bed! that is why i went in to check on her, i had heard a thump (which often i do, and it is the cats) but when i looked in the monitor, i didn't see her so i thought she might have climbed out!


(p.s. i like her having these things in her crib because when she wakes up after nap or in the morning, she plays with them for a good 30 - 45 minutes!  she eventually throws them all out of the crib - but, in a playful way!  they are after-nap entertainment as well as nap-time snugglies!)


  1. Sweet. It's like "Where's Holly?"

    I have been meaning to ask you (speaking of sleeping arrangements) how Kendal is doing in the train bed?

  2. How cute. It took me a moment to spot her in there amongst all her babies!



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