Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i know this isn't a big deal for anyone else, but we have big news!  we're going to the circus!

i would've never known about it if it weren't for the playgroup we're in (that as of lately we've not been participating in anyway... just hasn't been working out unfortunately).  they're doing a group trip to the circus and i didn't want to do it - mainly because i didn't think i could handle both kids by myself.

well i mentioned that "the circus was comin' to town" to nathaniel and he asked me if i wanted to go and take the children.  i said "nah, not really" and that was it.

well, i've been stewing on that for about 2 weeks now.  i think i DO want to go.  and this morning i looked up ticket prices and on opening night they were surprisingly affordable.

though it is a "school" night (thankfully, we're not in school), we're going to the circus!  holly's seat is free since she is under 2, and i'm so excited to watch them enjoy it.  at first, kendal and i were just going to have a "date", but i ended up talking nathaniel into joining us because i think holly will like it too.  i know kendal will love it - the question is how will holly react! 

so, we'll see!  i can't wait!  tomorrow night - snow or no snow, el'phnts, here we come!


  1. Hope you have fun. Maybe you can go to the Ringling Museum when you are in Sarasota. It's not that far from where mom and dad stay. I really enjoyed it!

  2. How was it?????? Can't wait to read about it!



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