Wednesday, February 3, 2010


For Christmas, one of the gifts Holly got from her Aunt Katelyn were these books called "Indestructibles" - obviously they have them at Tookie's Toys.  She gave them two, but they prefer one of the two - the one titled "Wiggle!  March!" about animals on the farm.  (Holly actually likes them both, but Kendal likes this one, thus creating a tug-of-war for this one which provides me with a method of testing durability for these books as you will soon see.)

"Wiggle!  March!"
Indestructibles by Kaaren Pixton

I had never heard of such books.  Kendal wasn't a chewer or a tearer, so he never even needed anything like it.  We could trust him with paper books.

Has your child chewed off 
the corners of his/her books?

what about tearing the pages?

Holly, on the other hand, she's ruined more "expensive" books than I'd like to even acknowledge.  And when I say expensive books, I mean hard-back, non-board  (paper) books that generally cost more than a few dollars.  (I realize also that board books do cost more than a few dollars too, but, they are MADE for kids to chew on - and they aren't tear-able.)

Anyway, to my point.  These Indestructible books are awesome.  They claim to be "chew proof, rip proof, tear proof, grab-able, pull-able, bendable, and 100% washable."  I'm here to say that they are 100% accurate.  They are made of some sort of fibrous type material (more of a coated fabric than a paper, though it feels like paper more than like fabric, thus thin and holding its shape like a book) - sort of like paper money (except waxy feeling).  Holly and Kendal have walked on it, skated with it, chewed on it, fought over it (pulled it), sat on it and tried to grab at it, shut the door on it, etc. and i've also washed it (in the sink with dishwashing liquid just because of the whole hand foot and mouth thing...).

I don't know if you can see it, 
but the center seam is sewed in place.
Very sturdy.  
Even I can't pull the pages out.

Also, this book is just pictures.  No words.  This seems weird at first, but, really, how many babies can read?  Words in a baby book are just for the grown-up reading it to them.  I like the lack of words because it allows me to make up my own words.  Kendal and I just like to talk about the animals - Which one says moo?  (He flips through and finds the cow.)  Can you find the animal that eats hay? (He'll find the horse.)  What does the goat say? (He'll find the goat and then we'll talk about the goat.)  The colors are vibrant and the the discussions we've had over it have been spectacular.

Besides, since the book is only 2 months old  and has had a tough work out still looks like new.

The next time you go to a baby shower and don't know what to get:  I whole-heartedly recommend picking up one or two of the "Indestructibles" books for the baby-to-be.  The mother will thank you.  These WILL be a favorite!

A  note from the author:  
"Dear Babies:  
These books were made for YOU!"


  1. I love these books! I love how the feel, forget the rest! They just feel good and have beautiful pictures of real animals.

  2. I gave 2 to holly and 2 to sam. I figured if anyone could test the claim of indestructible it would be holly and sam!

    (sorry i don't remember my password...)



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