Thursday, February 4, 2010

no nap today!

unrelated cartoon, but TRUE, SO TRUE!

i'm not saying that because i didn't have the opportunity, but, i just can't sleep!  i even put the kids down for nap early so i'd have MORE time to doze.  but, i got sidetracked making sure i packed everything for tonight's trip to washington.

no, i didn't pack any clothes, i packed stamping stuff!  i have a workshop tonight with emily, allison, leslie, and carrie.  yay!  my old washington friends... it is always great to see them.  especially when it is over crafts.

so recently i had a nightmare about this workshop, that it ended up being not just them, and it was about 50 people and they all wanted to stamp.  i didn't have the paper or the supplies (not even enough order forms) and it ended up being a bust.  i was so embarrassed.  it was similar to one of those type dreams where you find yourself naked in front of a bunch of people.  except i wasn't naked, but it was a similar type of humilation.

but, that won't happen tonight.  worst case is i forget something like a punch or something, which they probably have anyway.  we'll get by.  completely dressed.  :)

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