Tuesday, February 2, 2010

snow pictures from this past weekend!

we had a great time playing in the snow.  the kids LOVED LOVED LOVED sledding.  kendal would say "again" at the bottom of the hill and holly would clap on the way down it.  kendal, however, had no interest in touching or tasting the white stuff while holly would pull her gloves off as soon as we got outside so she could dip her hands (or her gloves) in it and eat it.  she has no sense of cold!

kendal also is tall enough now (with the help of a stool, of course) to help mamaw cook.  she made cinnamon rolls and he "helped" her with the last one (the one for him that holly ate).  he still has sensory issues, so the fact he had to dip his hands in the flour started to freak him out, and then punching the dough and rolling it just about sent him over the edge.  i think he sort of liked it, or, just "helping" her anyway.  he did like washing his hands when it was over. 

ok, so here are the pictures.  we had so much fun!  (and, yes, i was wearing coveralls - not feminine at all, but very very warm!!!)
(FYI, caption comes AFTER the photo for the ones that have them...)

the assembly area at the top of the hill

long shadows!

kendal's first snow angel!

kendal's first four-wheeler ride.  he did like it, but here you can see he put his mama face back on.  some of the other photos i took from a far i zoomed in and he was smiling.

holly found kate's old sunglasses!  she LOVED wearing them!

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  1. Yeah, you can tell in the last picture of K making rolls by the expression on his face that he was starting to get disgusted.

    I love the picture of Holly looking over your shoulder with her hair flying in the breeze!



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