Monday, February 15, 2010

manic monday: the nerve of global warming

i tell ya, there aren't too many things that get under my skin.  lately, though, all this snow has caused the stupid to come out in people:  "where is global warming now?",  "bring back global warming!",  or some such status updates like that have been all over facebook or blog sites that i like to read.  

i suppose i learned a while ago that you can't argue with stupid either.  so, i don't.  i just keep my mouth shut and shake my head.  (and keep a mental record of who is saying them because i know who is "stupid"!)

folks, global warming isn't a hoax.  you can listen to rush or fox news all you want, but if you really want to learn something, you need to open a climate book and READ.  don't take their word for it.  educate yourself.  learn about the Milankovich cycles, the way the earth wobbles on its axis, the way the plates move and land is created and how that affects the ocean currents - how the oceans disperse the temperature around the globe and how those land masses affect the global climate.  learn how the climate record is studied (what are indicators) and what "has been" in the past, so maybe YOU can better understand what is happening now and in the past 100 years.

hey, maybe you can even learn about el nino and understand why we are having a cold, wet winter, and why that IS a sign of a warming ocean (which causes a strong el nino)!

people.  please.  don't be that person.

just as a disclaimer, this blog isn't stating my opinion whether or not humans are to blame for the current rate of global warming - global warming is a natural process as shown through the geological record, however the past 70 or so years has had a rapid increase in temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide - some scientist attribute that to humans and the industrial revolution.


  1. "I suppose I learned awhile ago that you can't argue with stupid."

    This must be why we do not get in many arguements. Duh, I's stoopid.

  2. I thought that the leading scientist on global warming has now recanted and in fact said that the Earth hasn't warmed since 1995 or 1985?. In fact they are now saying we are in a global cooling.
    I think we should just follow the big fat money trail and there you'll find your real answer to all of it.

    I listen to rush, boortz, hannity, maddow and fox news.....soooooo

  3. So, i guess I am one of those people , hehehe!

  4. quita, here is the interview from which the fox spin was made...

    you can read it and come up with your own conclusions. make sure you read question E: "I'm 100% confident that the climate has warmed." i watch fox news too though sometimes they go off on a tangent i just don't get. this would be one of them.

    i've got a follow up blog coming up on more "global warming" stuff... (well, it is actually already posted, just not linked to FB yet).



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