Friday, February 19, 2010

nuggets, apple jigglers, and dilly ricotta dip

i know that those of you who read my blog on a regular basis have heard me mention one of my favorite cookbooks: the petit appetit cookbook by lisa barnes

you also know about how kendal has sensory issues and just, all around, is a picky eater.  mainly due to textures (as well as flavors) but mostly his sensory issues (in his mouth) are texture.  (wonder where he got that from!)

holly does not have those same problems, however, since she started eating, she has really been the unfortunate little sister of a picky eating older brother.  we've decided that she's been very limited at home (she eats pretty much anything and everything when given the opportunity).  so, this week, i broke out the handy dandy petit appetit cookbook.

in it i marked 8 recipes i wanted to make.  to start with, i made homemade chicken nuggets.  unlike the ones i've made before, this marinade was a little different (garlic, mustard, & lemonjuice) and the end result (baked after shaking in bread crumbs) tasted more like the chicken nuggets that kendal likes.  he ate them.  (YAY!)

both kids like applesauce but as most parents know, it can be very messy.  so, i made apple jigglers.  holly likes real apples, but kendal won't touch them.  i know how to make applesauce but in this recipe, i used the kind in the little cups.   (this recipe also comes from the cookbook) put 1/4 cup of water in a medium sized glass container, put it in the microwave and get it hot/boiling, pour 1 envelope of plain (unflavored) gelatin and mix it together with a rubber spatula, and then add 2 containers (1 cup) of applesauce.  i previously lined a brownie pan (8x8 square) with plastic wrap and poured the mixture on it - after about 2 hours it was hard and i cut it into bite sized pieces. it wasn't very sweet - and it held together pretty firm (maybe more water would make it more jello-like, this was definitely like jigglers).  this would be great for a "sick" food.

now the BEST thing i made was this morning.  it is called dilly ricotta dip (from the book) and supposedly is something that the romans served to royalty.  dill is supposed to bring good luck, too.  AND, i also happened to purchase a salmon filet to cook - this will go GREAT with it. (or on a sandwich or crackers!)

i doubled the recipe, so this is what i made (not what is listed in the book):
2/3 cup whole milk ricotta (i think that low fat or non-fat would be just as good), 2Tbs fresh minced dill (i buy "fresh" dill in the squirt tube in the deli section at lowes foods), 2 tsp fresh mint (i did have to buy this in the pack... this summer, though, i can pick it out of the yard..), and 4Tsp fresh squeezed lemonjuice (basically 2 small lemons worth).  i used a whisk to mix it all together until it was creamy and WOW it was amazing to the palate.

we decided that it tasted like summer and that we wished summer was here.  except for the hot part.  :) this was a nice, cool dip!

some others i will try this week: eggplant nuggets, pumpkin polenta,  meatloaf (which i know is good, i've tried it before...)

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