Thursday, February 11, 2010

not a chicken cooker

i wish my camera was handy so i could take a picture of the bone-in split chicken breasts i made for dinner.

i used my little thermometer in the thickest part of the largest breast to make sure they were cooked enough.  my oven is horrible, it cooks very uneven.  the thermometer said it was done and the first one i cut (which was not the largest one) had a raw spot in the middle. so, i put them all back in there for an undetermined amount of time.  oh yea, they were quite a dark color when they came out (which they'd still probably be in there if nathaniel didn't say "do you think the chicken is done?).

it was so dry that i actually tried to get the kids to eat it by putting water on it "to put some moisture back in it" (nathaniel got a good laugh when i said that).  ha.  needless to say it took them about 5 minutes to chew one piece.  and that is all they would eat (wonder why).  nathaniel ate one piece, which looked like something worse than something willow would have brought up and LEFT, and it crunched.  he ate it over the sink "to catch the dust."

so i never claimed to be a good cook.  especially when it comes to meat.


  1. I totally suck at cooking chicken!!!!!! I can barely make BBQ chicken in the oven. I need a whole ccokbook just for chicken. But you know what I have mastered? Shake N Bake pork chops!!! It's the other white meat!

  2. Buy the roasted ones in the deli at the grocery. Awesome; and left overs can be shredded (off the bone) for all sorts of stuff (like BBQ chicken pizza....yum).



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