Thursday, February 18, 2010

the running bag total: 5

like i said before, i'm not catholic.  i don't participate in lent.  thus, i am considering my "lent" to be a "season" and it started 2 weeks ago for me. 

so to hold myself accountable, i'm going to keep a running total of my bags on here!  and, nathaniel, if you have any to add, feel free to be a "guest blogger" and add them on!!!  you are a part of the household, and it is 40 bags of household clutter!  (not just mine...)

last tuesday, i took 2 bags of rocks and fossils and gave them to a bunch of cute little boys at boyscouts.  i'm helping them get their geology badge - and i think they like rocks as much as me (them AND their little sisters).  they were all precious (esp. the sisters!) and they loved them.  it was the best giving-away-of the rocks i think i've ever had.  (total:  2 bags)

in preparing for the boy scouts, i had to sort through my old, traveling rock collection and in doing so, i had a bunch of stuff that just needed to get dumped.  so, some of it went in the trash, some of it went outside (it went back "home" so to speak - it was rocks!)  (total: 3 bags)

monday, i took a box and a bag of stuff that sam couldn't wear to a girl that has a baby boy.  and, i guess from here on out i won't be passing kendal's stuff "down" to him since he's just about as big as kendal already.  sam is a big boy!  (total: 5 bags)

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  1. You and your rocks. I didn't know you kept a collection inside! I bet those boys were thrilled to death. And a geology badge? That is pretty cool!



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