Wednesday, February 17, 2010

html problems

i saw this spherical tag cloud yesterday and ever since i've been trying to do the html code so i can have it on my blog.

i've tried at least 5 different blogs that "explain how" to do it - and none of them have worked yet.  they say it is SOOOO easy to do.  yet, none of them have worked.  (even one said "only three easy steps!" right!  for who, a computer programmer at IBM??)

so anyway, i still don't have the 3-d tag cloud.  but, keep checking because i'm not going to rest until i have it.
however, i do have to stop trying right now because i HAVE to get my stamping stuff finished.

(is this just me procrasting???  wait, is my chair squeaking? let me get down there and check.  wow, i never noticed how much dirt is on the floor!  i think my carpet needs vacuuming.  oh, that reminds me, my shower is dirty too. i probably need to clean it before i can take a shower.  oh, and before i can step out of my clean shower with clean feet i most certainly need a clean floor to step onto, so maybe i should start with mopping my bathroom floor.  and i suppose i should wash the rug too.  oh wait, there is laundry in the washer and dryer.  i guess i need to put that up.  well, i can go ahead and iron the shirts that need to be ironed while the kids are occupied with the wonder pets.  on, and while i'm at it, i can take pictures of kendal's size 2 shirt for katelyn's wedding, i still haven't posted pictures of that for the other mom's... oh, and while i'm waiting for that to upload, i can try working on that HTML again...)


  1. Should say: "Wait. I'll let my husband do it when he comes home."


  2. OMG, we are like the same person. You just take the time to write my thoughts down for me. Thank you. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Would you care to go for a late night beverage or icy treat sometime, my dear? I NEED a kid-free mommmy hang out date.



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