Monday, June 21, 2010

01/02/2008 - for all his 5000 parts...

well, i've been bathing kendal for 3 months now (maybe less than 3 months, it took forever for his cord to fall off...) and each time i feel like i do a good job.

but, i remember after about a month, i found out that i wasn't cleaning his neck good enough, rather his creases had "cheese" (as LK called it... which is a great word for it).
so, i started paying close attention to his neck.

later, i realized that he had "cheese" in some of his leg creases, as well as lint between his toes and in the palm of his hands. where did he get lint from? who knows (since his hands were nearly always in a fist). so, i started paying more attention to ALL the creases and appendages.

i also noticed one day while he was napping the amount of wax he had in his ear. a little alcohol + qtip + sleep baby + slow, deliberate movements = no more ear wax buildup. no, i didn't put the qtip down his ear canal. i was careful.

well just then i was feeding kendal, and i noticed the back of his ear (he is SO nosy, he never looks towards me when he eats, he's always trying to look somewhere up and to the left...) - he had cheese behind his ear! well maybe, behind the ear isn't "warm and moist" as the other creases on his body, maybe it is dry skin.

so i just got a damp rag and tried to clean it. no doubt, it isn't dry skin. it's DEAD skin! i suppose now i'll have to add "behind the ears" to my list of places not to miss. its funny how for all these years i've been bathing myself just fine. and i wash behind my ears, but i don't really have such elaborate neck and leg creases. but i can assure all my creases are clean.

and i can assure you that now i have a greater appreciation for that old lever 2000 ad... for all your 2000 parts! i think babies have 5000 parts!

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