Thursday, June 17, 2010

lost cat

boy has it been a crazy 2 weeks.  i still don't feel "caught up".  i can't imagine how crazy it'll be for the fairels since when they get back they'll be moving - their whole summer will be a blur.

and turns out it wasn't just our two-weeks that was disrupted. when we went to KY, we shut off the cat's access to the house and opened the cat door between the garage and the outside.  (thus, they could go out but still come into the "garage" part of the house for food and water and the LB should they decide to use it).

the minute we got home, lacy came running.  kitty stayed gone for another day.  since then, she's gone back out for 2-day spells.  yesterday, she came back in with a back-leg limp.  of coarse, when she comes in, she sleeps for about 1 day straight - so she's still sleeping now - but when she was awake earlier, she meows and purrs SOSOSOSOSOSOOSOSOSOSOSOSOSo loud that it can wake up kendal.  it did this morning.  6am sharp, he hit the floor.  she wasn't showing any limp this morning.  maybe she was just hungry or thirsty or just plain tired.  it was hot for the past 2 days!  so i don't have any pictures of kitty, just lacy.  she's in now, but i have no idea where she is. 

so anyway, on another topic, i finally remembered i had a camera yesterday. kendal actually asked me to take a picture of him with his tiger.  this tiger is the gift grammy and grandpa brought him in the hospital when he was born.  it sits atop his bed and occasionally he gets it down.  lately, he's gotten it down A LOT.  yesterday he had a tiger on his shirt, so he kept it with him all day.  suppose he likes his toy to match his outfit !?!?!  ha!  my kids love stuffed animals.  i used to love them too, so i guess i can understand why (though i can't remember why).

and last - there is a picture from not sure when but recent of holly sleeping with her daddy at mamaws in the chair.  it was just too sweet not to share!  :)


  1. I can't believe how grown up Holly is starting to look!!! She is absolutely gorgeous. I remember when Samantha hit that age where she started to look more like a little girl and less like a baby.

  2. are letting the cats out? Aren't they declawed?

    Adorable pictures of the kids!



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