Tuesday, June 22, 2010


so i know i haven't actually posted a real blog in a few days - but, i'm really getting a kick out of reading my old ones.  i'm trying not to post them all, but it is hard picking which ones to (and not to post).  now that i'm through the new-baby part, it is getting a little easier to weed through them...

not much to talk about except i discovered a new way to prepare my protein staple which for this week is navy beans:  mix a pouch of taco seasoning (i had organic taco seasoning - something i picked up at WF) and it really changed the whole flavor of them.  this seasoning packet was quite spicy so it made them delish.  i'm eating them with about 1/2 a romaine heart chopped up plus a little big of grated cheese and a few olives and a large spoonful of salsa.  guess it is like a taco salad.  minus the taco shell part.

work is going well - i really like working at gymboree, i just wish they worked me more than 5 or 6 hours a week.  time goes by fast there and most of our customers are really nice.  i haven't figured out, yet, how to not *shop* while i straighten, though.  it is tough when you're surrounded by such cute cute clothes.  and, you have at least one child busting out of her summer clothes!  :)

i just realized i forgot to give nathaniel the father's day card i made (him, and used as our club card this month...)  darnit!

it is so hot... i am ready for the fall.  wishing away time already.  :(

ok, so not much to say.  kids just woke up.  holly slept in kendal's bed and kendal slept on the floor beside her.  he wanted to sleep ON TOP of her but, well, frankly she'd probably let him but i didn't know if her ribs would be able to resist his weight for the whole nap.  i guess that is why they don't sleep together yet!  they'd love to but one would end up on top.  :) 

he just put something up on the next shelf and told me "so holly can't reach it."

these kids are a hoot!

ok, time to change diapers... and start working on dinner.

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