Friday, June 11, 2010

a very needed update

again, sorry for not blogging every day or even frequently enough to probably keep you coming back every day to check.  (TS - i'm talking to you!)

melissa & her gang are still here so blog time is not abundant.

however, we stayed home today to "rest" for tomorrow (the wedding day) - plus the rehersal is tonight so the kids are zonked out right now and i just got out of the shower thinking about all i needed to update.

1.  holly fell down the stairs this week.  fortunately, our stairs are split so this was "half" a fall?  i didn't actually see it happen since i was already down.  she's been going up and down them by herself for several months now (interesting enough kendal still won't go down them without help and he's twice her age).  anyway, it didn't even phase her.

2.  holly started saying a bunch of new words this week (she can already say a lot, but these are just "new" ones).  like, banana (which is by far her funniest, i'll try to video this one next week), kendal, holly, faith, and probably more that i can't remember.  she's a real talker!

3. holly prefers walking around with her shirt UP.  she also is fascinated with hair brushes. she brushes her hair for at least 2 hours a day.  and, wants you to do it too.

4.  holly also likes to wear at least 5 bracelets at a time.  she also looks stunning while modeling kendal's fireman hat simultaneously "fire commander reporting for duty".  she's such a ham.

5. we got the train table from tookie's toys (still sad their closing, kate had her last day this past week) and needless to say it's been the ONLY thing the kids have played with since it came in the house.  well, that and books.  the train table even won over max and ruby and dora.  holly loves the draw bridge and kendal loves the castle-looking gate (or anything that opens and shuts...)

ok, so holly is awake now.  quick nap for her.  hope she makes it through dinner tonight!  :) 

pictures later.  i haven't even taken any.  need to check what melissa took... she's been the photographer this week (she has the same camera as me... not sure why i haven't gotten mine out!)

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