Monday, June 21, 2010

12/31/2007 - crib notes

today or tomorrow, kendal will be surrendered to his crib. yea, "we're" kicking him out of our room (and i'm trying not to scream).

this makes a mama sad. because, i like sleeping with him. rather, i like him sleeping with me. why? no, not because it runs my husband OUT of the bed (at some point in the night, when kendal has half the bed, i'm in the middle, and N can't sleep because he has no room), but because i actually sleep very well when kendal is on his "half" of the bed (really, i can't put him THAT close to the edge in the rare chance he'll learn to roll over - so he really does get half the bed!)

so i suppose here in the next few weeks, i'll start that no-sleep schedule that most mothers get right when their baby is born. he sleeps through the night in our bed (or in the cradle, which he is nearly outgrown hence the necessity to move him into his crib). i wonder how he'll sleep in his own bed. i know i won't be sleeping!

so it looks like the next few weeks will be rough for me. let me apologize in advance for my forgetfulness, snappiness, and depression.

hey, check that out! i spelled forgetfulness right on the first try! (wasn't underlined with the red "you idiot" line!)

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