Saturday, June 26, 2010

fastest 18 months of my life.

in the last 18 months, my new baby girl has grown to be a toddler.
a toddle she does. 

she can almost jump, she talks up a storm, she started singing recently, she loves hairbows, hair bands, hats, necklaces, shoes (especially heels), climbing, crawling, rolling, tumbling, water (boy does she love water!), bananas, blueberries, and most of all her mama.  and daddy.  and everyone else for that matter.  she's not shy anymore like she was as a baby.

today she was 33 inches tall and a little over 26 pounds.  comparatively, she ranks 90th percentile in height for girls her age and 75th percentile for girls her age.  she's been steady on this 90/75 trend since she was 6 months old.

the only bad news today is that she still has an ear infection.  so, we have to try a different - a new - antibiotic.  yuck.  just when the "side effects" of the last one finally cleared up (um, lets just say there were some problems in the diaper area...), we'll have to start that battle all over again.  did notice, though, that my probiotic capsules can be opened and mixed with juice.  holly loves orange juice.  so, maybe this will help her tummy and maybe she won't have TOO bad of the poops from it.  (this antibiotic is known for giving really bad poops.)

so also since the day she was born, i'm 35 pounds lighter than when i walked into the hospital with her still in my womb! (incidentally, that is only 5 pounds away from what i was when i got pregnant with kendal - i gained 46 pounds with him!  that was mostly water weight.  i never lost it all before i got pregnant with holly, but fortunately i only gained 23 with her.)

holly LOVES her paci!  we were just saying today how we needed to stop it.  and, of coarse, she crashed before we were ready to put her to bed.  so, one more night of paci.  :)  well, maybe 1 more week.  tomorrow night mamaw gets them - assuming kendal is better (he has a fever and a rash, tomorrow we'll take him to the dr to make sure it isn't strep) - and then maybe next weekend we'll try to cold turkey her off the paci.  that's how kendal did it!  of coarse, at 15 months. 

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  1. They grow up so fast. Which means I am growing up too fast.



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