Wednesday, June 2, 2010

what goes in my tummy... part 1

at the beginning of the year, i made a change in my diet and life that completely eliminated anything processed, manufactured, genetically modified, unnaturally dyed, etc. from entering my body by way of my mouth.  i had nearly eliminated these things before, but i wasn't as particular as i am now. i only eat organic foods and rarely eat out.  when i do eat out, i try to select foods that have the least bit of processing or chemicals (ie salads, no dressing) from restaurants that advertise their desire to provide whole, healthful foods (jason's deli is a good example).  i stopped drinking sodas and pretty much only drink water.  a "clean diet" is what i think it is called.

a few weeks ago, i decided to step up that change and also eliminate meat, reduce animal byproducts (dairy/cheese/eggs), and reduce-as-close-as-i-can-to-eliminate anything refined or processed such as white rice, white flour, etc.  i also eliminated tea or any drink besides water or juice.  (like the daniel diet i blogged about before, except i have not completely eliminated cheese or eggs yet.  though, i don't eat much of them.)

these changes have all been a great effort to seek relief and/or efforts to eliminate triggers my migraines. 

i was thinking today on the drive back some things i noticed in the past 3 weeks after i made my diet upgrade.

first, which is the object of part 1, when i told nathaniel what i was doing, he snapped "just don't make me become a vegetarian with you" which i thought was funny since i think it was after a week of me not eating meat that i told him i made the switch.  um, i know how much he loves my mom's beef jerky! 


  1. I gained SIX pounds while on our vacation! I know it was all those frozen foo foo drinks because they are loaded with sugary, high calorie fruit juices and sometimes even cream. Not to mention, a buffet breakfast every morning, lunch (usually including french fries because RCI had the best I think I've ever had in my life) plus cookies, then, a three course dinner each and every night with a bottle of wine and then, perhaps, an after dinner drink (or two) while watching a show or smoking a cigar.

    I guess I should be thankful I didn't gain SIXTEEN pounds!

    Back to The Daily Plate for me!

  2. amy, i got on the scales this morning with the fear of seeing the same thing. i was so surprised to see that i actually lost weight... so now my grand total after the veggie switch is 5.2 pounds (in 3 weeks).

    and let me assure you, i canNOT believe i lost it, i didn't make any beans so i ate tons of cheese, ate NO fruit and minimal veggies (mainly just cheese stuffs), lots of corn chips (fried), and drank tea (my sister makes it sweet like bojangles) instead of water. but, i did do one night of P90X with my sister which rocked. i totally want those work out videos now. :)



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