Sunday, June 27, 2010

$20 at the farmers market

 (this is not my picture, it was MUCH more crowded than this on friday afternoon!)
thought i'd list what $20 will buy at the state farmer's market.  i was shopping for produce to feed folks at a bridal shower ( for today) - these are all things that dad doesn't really have in his garden (either right now or ever).

$8 for 4 extra large smooth-skinned johnston county cantaloupes - not only did my nose lead me to these, they were also the cheapest - i did taste their samples to make sure they tasted as good as they smelled!

$6 for 12 longer than usual but still skinny johnston county pickling cucumbers (i think they taste the best and have the least seeds - and they still taste really good)

$4 for 6 harnett county green peppers

$2 for 4 peaches for nathaniel since the last 4 peaches i bought him at the grocery store rotted before he got a chance to eat them. these smelled outstanding - and they were fresh from NC!  i can't remember exactly where. 

anyway, the cantaloupe is my favorite.  i think i would have been fine with just 2 of them - they are HUGE.
from dad's garden, i got blueberries and squash - YUM!

we're having fresh and healthy food at our shower today.  no meat!  :)  and, well everything is healthy except for the cake and the ranch dressing.  i didn't know how welcoming folks would be to a homemade yogurt-dill dip so i opted for the more traditional ranch.  just so you know, there is a green onion option that has half the sodium.  i got one of each and the green onion was better.  both nathaniel and i thought so.  mainly because it wasn't so salty!  now if they could just cut out that MSG!

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