Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green Snake

nathaniel saw a green snake today as he was leaving to go have lunch with his dad and brother - so we quickly got the kids and went down there and caught him to show them!  i've only seen maybe 2 or 3 green snakes in my life so to me, this was a treat.  i forgot how tiny these guys are.

and, for the record, neither of the kids would touch him until i touched him (he was really smooth!) - and then holly did it too.  kendal still wouldn't touch him.  he would get really close to him and talk to him - he didn't act afraid, but he did not want to touch him.  maybe it was because of that run in with the eastern fence lizard last week.. but, i guess he just didn't understand that snakes have no feet/claws!  and this one had such a small head that i doubt we'd feel it if he tried to bite us.  not that we wanted to try... but, he was none-too-happy that we were holding him.

so - here is my kids' first non-captive snake viewing!!!

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  1. I can recognize those fingers anywhere... only the fingers of a farmer



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