Monday, June 21, 2010

10/15/2007 - perfection from a perfectionist. ah...

today my baby is one month old. i can't believe its been a month since he was born. i can't believe i've been a mom for a month. i also can't believe that i've done NO work for a month. boy does time fly. any tips from you moms for me and time management? i'm having trouble doing anything besides feed him and hold him and change his diapers. my briefcase did, however, make it up the stairs today. just now i need to open it and work. i just feel like i'm ignoring him, like i'll miss something... if i don't watch him every second i can. he's only little once! and i don't want to miss a second of it.

today he smiled at me. it wasn't a by chance smile, either, because this time #1 his eyes were open and locked with mine, #2 we were playing pattycake, #3 he did 3 times in a row (he likes to 'throw it in the pan"). so that picture is the tail end of his 3rd smile. after i got the phone out to take pictures, he was more interested in the phone than me or pattycake.

today i measured and weighed him, so he's grown from 20 inches to 23 inches in a month, and also according to my scales, he's gained almost 3 pounds! he was 10.4 pounds, although he was wearing clothes, but his diaper was clean. so i don't know how much those weigh, but i know it isn't 2 pounds worth...

today i fed him his first corn syrup water bottle... eh, he loaded up his diaper AS he drank it. (and i only dipped a 1/4 tsp in the syrup and let it drip drain then stirred it with 1 oz warm water, and then he only ate about 1/2 of that. so, he didn't get much karo.) why doesn't this work for grownups?

speaking of things that they make for babies that they should make for adults, why don't they make mycelin (the gas drops) for adults? those should be renamed miracle drops. because that is what they are.

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