Sunday, June 20, 2010

salute to my dads

i wonder if she knew when she married him that she'd make him a dad.  and, herself a mother.

 back when i was the one and only...

 dad with melissa back when september 11th was a special day for good reasons. 

without him there would be no us. without us there would be no them.

 clearly we were all going through our dorky stage...  except melissa, who was totally hip with those braided pig tails!!!
 three's the charm, right?  everyone would always say "poor man" when we'd say something about him having three daughters.  whatever.  he probably knows how good he had it...

i see a lot of holly right there for several reasons:  first, they look alike in the face.  second, she's hogging her daddy's lap.  third, she's still got a pacy at a very old age... and not a lot of hair either.  and last - she's always pointing those feet out!  :)

early glimpses of the later benefits of fatherhood...  grandfatherhood!!!

enjoying his first boy - even if he had to wait until a GRAND son to have one!

so glad i got to make a man a daddy.

with not one kid but two.  wish we could have 12 but, well, i do want to keep my sanity...

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