Thursday, June 17, 2010

two kendalisms

in reverse order.

yesterday on the way to meet the Ts in durham, we got stuck behind a big pepsi truck on the skinny  (2lane) part of 98 after you pass 70 (in durham).  on the back, there was a pepsi advertisement in which eric staal was in his canes jersey and holding his hockey stick (and maybe a pepsi?) - anyway, kendal went nuts. ''Hockey mommie, hockey!!!"   he knows what hockey is for sure.  even better, he knows what sport eric staal plays!

several days ago, there was an eastern fence lizard in the living room.  i was trying to catch it in a jar and the kids were all in the way trying to see it.  the jar was over it , but somehow it escaped underneath it and ran onto kendal's leg and diaper (he was sitting next to it).  he freaked out - screamed - and jumped up and ran to his dad.  in retrospect, i'm sure the feet/nails on it probably scratched sorta hard.  kendal was only wearing a diaper because k&h were outside playing with the water table and we'd just stripped them.  anyway, i finally got it in the jar and kendal came back up all big and bad like nothing happened.  "wook, mommie, wizzard!"  he was all about that lizard.  we took it outside and let it go. it quickly escaped to the other side of the deck railing.

incidentally, the one we caught was a male because it was vibrantly blue on its underside.  :)  the picture above is NOT the one we caught. ours had a whole tale.  though, i'm sure that kitty will soon take care of his tale and/or more!  kitty is the lizard-and-vole catching queen around these parts!

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