Monday, June 21, 2010

10/18/2007 - is the grass really greener on the other side?


this blog is appropriate on so many different levels, let me see if i can touch them all.

first, no one really has green grass these days, and if they do, then they are wasting our water and should be reported to the appropriate authorities. unless of coarse, they have a well, in which the "underground river" has been tapped. of coarse, since the underground river never runs dry (or so people seem to think), i wonder why i've seen so many older homes with drill rigs in their yards???

on a side note to point 1 and in celebration of our upcoming 'holiday', can people really witch water? i'm not a believer.

second, i've noticed this morning that no matter what i do, bo wants something different. if he is outside, he wants in. if he is inside, he wants out. if i'm in the bedroom, he wants me to go downstairs. if i'm downstairs (and i FOLLOWED him downstairs), then he wants to go back upstairs. why can't cats talk???

third, i found this analysis of "is the grass really greener on the other side?" while looking for a photo to post with this blog. it is too appropriate not to paste in here.

If the observer looks at his feet, he sees the grass at an angle more nearly perpendicular to the ground and thus sees through the blades of green grass to the brown ground below. This desaturates the green. However, if the observer looks at a nearby field, the more acute angle his line of sight makes with the ground allows less of the brown to reach his eye, and thus green will dominate his perceptual experience.

woah, let me interrupt my quoting from another webpage and start my last point, which is why i was writing this blog to begin with... i remember that before i was pregnant and/or had a child, i thought people, like my sister -who have kids - had it all. homes, husbands, family, adventure, companionship,etc. i wanted that SO bad. BUT (and you know there was one...), 1 month later and many lost hours of sleep and poor organizational skills (both time and thoughts and being clean, etc.) have begun to weigh heavy on me.

yesterday, i caught myself remembering the "OLD" times (i.e., before i had a child) and thinking about those who do not have any children (by choice or just because they aren't old enough yet or they aren't married, etc.) (and coincidentally also have clean houses and plenty of time and not having to worry about when is the next feeding and can you get home in time and where am i going to change his diaper and WHEN will he poop and i hope it doesn't leak out all over everything and what do i do if he gets a fever) and started to be envious.

fortunately, i realized what i was doing... and so i just put everything aside and looked at my child, who smiled at me, and then i forgot all about that green grass on the other side of the fence (the side where i used to live).

In other words, the grass seems plenty green when you look across the way at your neighbor's lawn, but you see all the bare spots when you look straight down at yours.

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