Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what goes in my tummy... part 2

finally getting around to part 2... these past couple of weeks have been very busy as you can imagine!  from having a vacation to having a wedding... WHEW!

so anyway, part of my grocery runs over the past year requires me to always venture into the frozen organic food section(s) at various grocery stores.  i am always amazed at the variety of foods offered to a very specific market of "vegetarians", thus, here is my next observation and/or rant about those specific people.  this is sorta grates my nerves sorta like people who say "PIN number" or "ATM machine".

ok, so why in the WORLD do people want to buy products that look like meat?  (i.e., fake meat.)  who really wants to eat a "turk'y burger" - i mean come on!  eat turkey if you want turkey.  eat soy/vegetables if you want soy/vegetables and call it a patty (like a bean patty, soy patty, tofu paty, rice patty, etc.) but to me, the word burger implies meat.  you don't have to "fit in" with 90% of meat-eating society by eating something that looks like the real thing.   if you are looking for a healthier alternative, why not just go for a grilled mushroom or corn on the cob and forgo the whole "burger" to start with?  burgers aren't the only thing that can be cooked on the grill... and "fake meat burgers" aren't the only healthy alternative.  (and i mean healthy loosely).

just as a sandwich doesn't have to have bacon and mayo on it, your breakfast plate doesn't have to have eggs and sausage on it.  if you don't want to eat real eggs and sausage, why not just NOT and eat something else altogether?  you don't have to "fit in" with the 90% of meat-eating society by eating something that looks like the real thing - just eat fruit and oatmeal!

chick'n.  really?  does a real vegetarian want to eat fake chicken?  isn't like the whole reason you aren't a meat eater the fact you don't want to eat meat?  so - don't eat fake meat!  that means fake corn dogs and fake italian sausages are out too. 

i am always astonished at the fake meat stuff i see in the frozen food sections at grocery stores.  i always wonder who they are accommodating.  vegetarians or wanna-bes.  and, before any vegetarians or veggiewannabes decide to buy any of those things, they need to check the nutritional label.  they may be lower in fat and calories but often they are LOADED with sodium and other weird crap in their LONG LONG LONG ingredient list not to mention they are generally made of soy.  unless it says that it isn't genetically modified OR that it is 100% organic (not just "organic", has to specify "100% organic") you can't be sure that it isn't genetically modified.  in any case, i'll be NOT partaking of the fake meat. 


  1. I agree Analee, I can't stand the stuff. I have been a vegetarian for about 18 years and never liked it. I have tried veggie chicken nuggets, fake burger, and fake bacon. To me the taste and texture is way too close to the real thing.

  2. I have to say, I don't care what they call it, but I do like the Morning Star Farms "sausage" patties and some of the fake burgers. I'm a meat eater, too; I just like the ability to sometimes have something that tastes good (to me, anyway) with a lot fewer calories and fat grams.

    I put the fake sausage on a biscuit and it's quite tasty.

    But, yeah, nothing beats the real McCoy...Jimmy Dean spicy...yum yum yum in Mr. B's sausage gravy!



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